CNN Star Flips Out About Trump’s “Jokey Tone”

About a month ago, CNN reported that Trump was recorded discussing a classified document he had taken from the White House. They released a transcript of the tape.

CNN Political Correspondent Sara Murray expressed surprise at the lighthearted manner of former President Donald Trump on the recently released tape, where he talks about classified military strategies.

On Monday night, CNN shared the audio of a conversation from July 2021 where former President Donald Trump admitted to keeping a classified Pentagon document regarding a possible attack on Iran.

During Tuesday’s episode of CNN This Morning, Murray expressed to co-anchors Phil Mattingly and Poppy Harlow that the tape is advantageous for prosecutors. Murray also commented on the participants’ laughter, describing it as callousness.

Phil Mattingly introduced the CNN political correspondent Sara Murray reporting from Washington, D.C., and asked how lawyers and sources perceive the audio in terms of its damning nature when she discussed it with them.

She said it is noteworthy that the people she spoke with mentioned that once they listened to the audio, they would understand why it is advantageous for prosecutors and damaging for Donald Trump.

Murray said you can hear him saying, “I’ll show you an example.”

“These are the papers.”

She said you could hear a rustling sound where he appeared to be referring to this document about a potential attack on Iran. 

He acknowledges that this is not a declassified document, and he no longer has the power to declassify it as he is no longer the president of the United States.

She said he is somewhat insensitive in his discussion of this. Everyone is laughing.

At one point, a staffer mentions a problem when he discusses the document not being declassified. 

Overall, Murray was concerned with the light-hearted, jokey tone of the conversation.