CNN Staff In A Panic As Ratings Collapse

( A CNN insider said staff members are “freaking out” as ratings plummet and the network attempts to draw in Republican viewers in the wake of a leadership transition.

Chris Licht, the network’s new president, has made an effort to steer CNN away from the ideological programming orientation fostered by former network president Jeff Zucker.

According to reports, Licht has pledged to fire network stars who are unable or unwilling to follow the course he wants CNN to go on.

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, lauded CNN’s incoming chief on Tuesday. According to Zaslav, the network is redefining itself as a space for everyone.

Reports show Zaslav believes Chris Licht is turning CNN in a positive direction, which is journalism first. America needs a news network where Republicans and Democrats can go and be heard. Zaslav believed CNN was exhibiting that more frequently. He suggested It had the best journalists and, in his opinion, was the best news organization worldwide. And that’s where they will focus. Leadership will not consider the ratings, and it will be more valuable in the long term.
Two weeks ago, the network’s ratings fell to a level not seen since 2000.
CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” hosted by Brian Stelter, was its lowest-rated month since June 2001, with 79,000 demo viewers and 585,000 average total viewers.
According to the New York Post, an insider said that staff members are alarmed by Zaslav’s remarks.
The source suggested the issue is that we are not a neutral nation. Because new management is removing all the bells and whistles, the ratings are declining. The ratings for CNN are comparable to those for local news.
The insider claimed that the new management is not panicking, but everyone else at CNN is. They don’t understand the connection between the shows and ratings. Thus they seek to fix the shows first.

The source must not realize that CNN’s ratings had cratered long before the new management arrived.