CNN Sets New Record… In The Wrong Direction

( CNN won’t admit it, but they really profited from President Donald Trump’s time in the White House. There was even a time when the network was getting more viewers than Fox News.

That’s what happens when a network pushes conspiracy theories about the sitting president of the United States. But now that President Joe Biden is in office, the network can’t pull those numbers in anymore. And they just hit a new low.

Last week, CNN failed to achieve an average of even half a million viewers in one day. It’s the worst ratings for the network in the last eight years, with CNN only managing 444,000 total viewers between February 7 and 13.

CNN couldn’t even improve those numbers during its prime time shows, topping at just 491,000.

Over at Fox News, however, things are very different. Tucker Carlson, the host of prime-time show Tucker Carlson Tonight, average 3.5 million viewers for his show alone.

According to data analyzed by Fox News\, viewers chose to tune into a variety of other shows instead of CNN’s prime time offerings, including “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel and “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo.

That must hurt for Brian Stelter. More people would rather watch trashy reality TV shows or conspiracy theories about ancient aliens than they would his show.