CNN Releases Damning Report Revealing Biden’s Shock At Roe V. Wade

( On May 3, the leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was made public. A recent story claims that the White House was completely unprepared when the formal verdict was announced on June 24.

According to a CNN article, despite having had more than two months to prepare, President Joe Biden and the White House staff failed to execute a cogent reaction to the development.  CNN listed two dozen prominent Democratic lawmakers and operatives who raised concerns about the “fundamental management” of the Biden White House.

According to the article, top Biden aides are still fighting over whether to announce further moves in reaction more than a week after the abortion ruling.

Reports show The White House was totally unprepared when the decision was announced. White House attorney Dana Remus reportedly assured top officials the Supreme Court wouldn’t decide on abortion that day.

Remarkably, a White House press secretary in charge of the abortion response was out getting coffee when the SCOTUS decision was made.  The majority of Washington and every major news organization in the country were laser-focused on the Supreme Court website on June 24, like any morning when the Court issued opinions.

According to a left-wing media outlet, Democrats are concerned that the President’s lack of authority contributes to perceptions that he is an old man unsuited for the job. This aggravates the Democrats’ midterm problems and feeds speculation that Biden wouldn’t be able to handle the challenges of a reelection bid.

A Democrat legislator told CNN that Biden appears to have given up. There was no fight. Another Democrat called the Biden White House rudderless, aimless and hopeless.

A recent Harvard CAPS–Harris Poll found President Biden has an overall approval rating of 38 percent.

Now that the Democrats are starting to admit their disappointment in Biden openly, what will they do about him?