CNN Identifies Rioter Who Got A Strange Call From White House

( A rioter allegedly received a strange, nine-second call from the White House on January 6, according to an absolute bombshell report by CNN, reported by Mediaite. It remains a mystery as to who made the phone call and why but has raised suspicions because it was the only phone call made to a rioter at such a critical time, CNN reports.

The call reportedly came from 202-456-1414, the publicly available number for the White House. The call, made at 4:34 pm came shortly after Donald trump made a public announcement telling rioters to “go home, we love you, you’re very special,” which occurred at 4:17pm.

The call was first made public on 60 Minutes by former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman, who served as a technical advisor to the partisan January 6 committee. He called it an “Aha moment,” suggesting that it was not coincidental, but his remark was even downplayed by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff who said that they need to be careful about what they say.

The call was made to a 26-year-old Trump supporter from Brooklyn, New York who was at the Capitol building with two friends. They pleaded guilty to illegal demonstration and were sentenced Sept. 15 to a few months of home confinement, probation, and small fines.

The person who received the phone call said that he does not remember having received it and claims that he does not know anyone in the White House. The call was not mentioned in court documents and his lawyers declined to comment further on the matter.

The defense argued that the three men went to the Capitol building after being “swept up in a crowd, egged on by the President of the United States, and having been fed a steady diet of disinformation for months.”