CNN Finally Admits Liz Cheney Is In Trouble In Her Home State

( According to a Thursday CNN story, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) may not make it beyond the Republican primary on August 16.

CNN’s Harry Enten says CNN viewers shouldn’t mistake fawning press coverage and bipartisan bona fides for popularity in the region where popularity counts most for Cheney— Wyoming.

Cheney “has become an unexpected hero for Democrats” and the media, but that doesn’t make her famous in her “supposed” home state.

Enten recognized that just 17 percent of Republicans nationwide supported Cheney’s partnership with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) January 6 committee, citing polling that indicates Cheney to be the least popular member of Congress in 2021.

Sixty-one percent were against it. More precisely, Cheney is trailing Harriet Hageman, who has received support from Trump “by a large margin” of 28 to 30 points in Wyoming.

Now, given the persons who released the information probably had personal reasons for doing so, such as wanting Cheney to lose, we should proceed with care. However, given what Wyoming’s nonpartisan polling has shown, the congresswoman behind makes a lot of sense,” the story said.

Although few believe it would work, Enten also emphasized Cheney’s election approach, in which she urged Democrats to support her despite her consistent opposition to Trump and his policies.

But there aren’t many Democrats in Wyoming. However, Cheney has been attempting to persuade the few remaining Democrats to switch parties and vote in the Republican primary. These figures show that she won’t likely benefit much from such efforts.
Cheney’s issue is that there isn’t much place in the Republican Party for people who voted to remove Trump from office. According to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey, 64% of Republicans believe the party should not welcome people who have.
In conclusion, Cheney has tough numbers going into her August primary. It’s understandable why the oddsmakers give her a fewer than 10% chance of winning re-election.

Cheney can still prevail. It would just be unexpected.

The Wyoming Republican Party and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have denounced Cheney’s actions. In an unprecedented move for a minority leader, McCarthy said in February that he was endorsing Hageman to challenge Cheney after the Wyoming GOP decided to no longer recognize her as a Republican in November.