CNN Drops Coverage Of Fox News After Jeff Zucker Exit

( Following the resignation of CNN president Jeff Zucker last month after it was revealed he was having an affair with the network’s top marketing executive, mentions of Fox News have apparently dropped significantly.

CNN, which is decidedly left-wing and regularly attacks Fox News for catering to a more conservative audience, has reportedly stopped mentioning Fox News quite as much as it used to.

An analysis published by Mediaite reveals how mentions of “Fox” at the network have dropped by two-thirds since Zucker resigned. The network was averaging around 100 mentions of Fox News per week, but new data shows that the network has only mentioned Fox News an average of 34 times per week.

Colby Hall wrote in Mediaite that daily mentions have gone down significantly. Between January 1 and February 2, Fox was mentioned 13 times per day. Now, though, it’s only around five times per day.

That’s still a lot of mentions, and CNN still appears to be obsessed with attacking Fox News and its conservative viewers, but it’s a dramatic and noticeable decrease that could suggest that Zucker was behind the obsession with Fox News all along.

During the Trump presidency, CNN became known for its outrageous attacks against his administration and its willingness to push conspiracy theories that hurt and smeared Republicans. Among those conspiracy theories was the Russian collusion hoax, a claim invented by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 that suggested Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidency. The claim was proven false after a years-long investigation by the FBI…but that didn’t stop CNN’s top anchors from pushing the theory.

So, what happens now?

We’ll have to wait and see. There’s a chance that CNN may finally change…but even if the network does start focusing on something else, it will presumably go right back to bashing Republicans and Fox as soon as the GOP takes back control of Congress later this year.