CNN Claims Fox News Has Lost Hope Before Super Bowl

( Is Joe Biden discriminating against Fox?

According to a Fox News representative, the network had given up on getting a pre-Super Bowl interview with President Joe Biden since their request had gone unanswered.

Even if they haven’t responded, White House investigations chief Ian Sams just used the network as an insult to characterize a GOP committee yesterday may provide some insight.

“Today, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is beginning the Fox News revival of the House Un-American Activities Committee with a political spectacle that weaponizes Congress to carry out the agendas of hardline MAGA Republicans in Congress,” Sams said in a note to reporters.

Karine Jean-Pierre has a conference set for Friday afternoon and will probably be questioned about the president’s preparations, given that the game is just a few days away.

Former presidents, and even Biden, often have pre-game interviews with the network airing the Super Bowl. This year, Fox is doing the honors. With Biden opting out, it’s giving the impression that Biden is taking the metaphorical ball away from the kicker. That’s how Fox interprets it.

That’s how CNN sees it.

According to the Reliable Sources newsletter, CNN media said that Fox News might be getting a significant snub from Biden. The conservative network has not heard back on whether Biden would agree.

In an intriguing turn of events, a network insider gave CNN the scoop that they are moving forward with the presumption that Biden won’t provide an interview that Bret Baier would probably conduct.

Baier was described as “a far more respected, conventional news anchor, even if his show has conservative undertones” in the CNN story. The White House remained silent and declined to comment.