Clinton-Appointed Judge Accused Of Trying To Run Defense For CPS

( A Clinton-appointed San Francisco federal judge was accused by Andrea Wood for trying to stop and silence the mother’s efforts to legally battle Child Protective Services (CPS) for taking her children away, according to National File. Bill Clinton nominated Maxine Chesney as a federal judge for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in 1995.

Wood, the president of the group California Family Advocacy, alleges that Chesney is trying to silence the truth and created a video to explain the matter in depth. Chesney allegedly identified Wood as a “vexatious litigant” without a trial or hearing, simply dismissing the plaintiff’s case against CPS, who seized Wood’s children. A vexatious litigant is a way to protect the court system from those who are abusing it.

Wood, who recently appeared in the documentary, “Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking,” has appealed the judge’s ruling.

In an order dismissing Wood’s case, Chesney alleged that the mother had failed to show cause. The order states that the court ordered Wood to show cause against the defendants in order to show why the case “should not be dismissed for failure to serve a summons and complaint on those defendants within the time provided by Rule 4(m) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.”

The order concludes by stating that the court will decline to extend her deadline because she “has not argued, let alone shown, good cause exists to extend the deadline to serve any of the remaining defendants.”

Wood said that Chesney was a “bad federal judge making very bad and unfair judgements… and depriving them of their civil rights.”

“These children are being taken away from good families,” Andrea Wood said, noting that being labeled as a vexatious litigant is used to intimidate and silence good parents trying to legally challenge the system. Wood is reportedly trying to get her 12-year-old daughter back who is still in foster care.