CIA Director Has COVID

( Just one day after meeting with President Joe Biden, William Burns, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday but is experiencing only mild symptoms.

According to a statement from the CIA, Wednesday’s meeting between Director Burns and the 79-year-old president was not considered a “close contact” since both men practiced social distancing and Director Burns was wearing an N95 mask.

An administration official confirmed that on the day of their meeting, President Biden tested negative for COVID during his regular health screening.

The 65-year-old CIA Director is fully vaccinated and boosted, and according to the CIA statement, he was experiencing only mild symptoms. The CIA said Burns was self-isolating and working from home. He will return to work at Langley after five days’ isolation and a negative COVID test.

In the statement, the CIA said Burns would continue to perform his duties from home rather than handing over the reins to Deputy Director David Cohen.

The positive COVID test will prevent Burns from briefing lawmakers or attending White House intelligence briefings while he is in isolation. However, most of the White House intelligence briefings have been handled by Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines. Burns only attends White House intel briefings a few times a month.

Since Burns works almost exclusively with classified material, the common practice requires senior national security to use secure devices when working and communicating from home or anywhere else outside their offices.