Christopher Columbus Is Beating Biden In The Polls

( According to a recent national survey, Christopher Columbus is more popular among Hispanic Americans than President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The national poll, conducted by WPA Intelligence, a conservative polling organization that worked with Visto Media on behalf of the Latino advocacy group Bienvenido, polled 1,086 respondents about the high-profile figures that Hispanic communities supported or opposed. This poll comes at a time when liberal politicians and activists continue to push for the abolition of the 15th-century Italian navigator who embarked on a historic voyage in 1492.

Abraham Enriquez, president of Bienvenido, stated that the popularity of Christopher Columbus among Hispanics and the foolish attempts by progressive activists and politicians to “cancel” him demonstrate how out of touch the extreme left is with our community.

In recent years, progressives claim that his voyage to explore Western civilization from the Spanish port of Palos de la Frontera on behalf of Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II constituted genocide against the Indigenous people.

According to Enriquez, most Hispanics, particularly immigrants, have a favorable opinion of Columbus.

Hispanic populations reject the idea that the Italian explorer set out on a journey to only rape, plunder, and enslave the West, despite the efforts of educational institutions, liberal politicians, and anti-American fanatics.

Columbus has a net favorability of 29 points, according to a survey conducted earlier this month by the collaborating organizations, which found that 53% of Hispanics think positively of him and 24% think negatively of him. Biden’s favorability rating among Hispanics is 49% positive and 42% for negative, giving him a net favorability of 7 points.

On the other hand, Harris received a net favorability rating of four points among Hispanics, making her the least popular candidate between Biden and Columbus.

45% of Hispanics say they have a reasonable opinion of Harris, while 41% have an unfavorable one.

Conor Maguire, Principal and Managing Director of WPA Intelligence said: “It is not surprising that the same individuals who believe Hispanics prefer being termed ‘Latinx’ have also concluded Hispanics are insulted by Christopher Columbus – and got it utterly wrong, again. Progressives may ask Hispanics their opinions on various issues in the future.