Chris Wallace Gushes Over Democrat Leaders, Saying They’re Like ‘Movie Heroes’ Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck

( During CNN’s coverage of the House Select Committee hearing on the investigation into the Capitol riot, anchor Chris Wallace stated that Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers (R) reminded him of his “movie heroes.”

Those hero actors are Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck. Wallace made this syrupy statement during CNN’s coverage of the hearing.

Wallace stated that what struck him on the most emotionally powerful day of the hearing was that these people were just trying to do the right thing. He continued by wondering if people might be aware of the situation with Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, two African American women who wished to make it simpler for individuals to exercise their rights as citizens of the United States by voting.

He also reminded viewers of the instance of Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State, who had this one phrase in which he claimed that the figures were the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. He said Raffensperger wasn’t attempting to put a positive spin on it. He wasn’t trying to sway it in any particular direction either way. He was only attempting to count the votes at that point. “What could be more elemental than that in democracy?” Wallace asked lachrymosely.

He continued by saying that Rusty Bowers, to him, was the most influential individual because what you saw was the straightforward dedication to the law and the commitment to God.

He said, “you know, I’m about to make myself seem really old here.” He said while observing him, thoughts of movie heroes such as Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” or Gregory Peck in “To Kill a Mockingbird” came to mind. They were just regular guys who had a sense of right and wrong and tried their best to live up to it.

The histrionics were dripping when Wallace said, “Trump and his gang” just rolled over these heroes of his.

Obviously, Wallace views politics like in the movies, where his views are the righteous ones, and everyone else is a villain twisting their waxed mustache with one eye closed.