Chris Cuomo Refuses To Admit Wrongdoing After Firing From CNN

( Chris Cuomo debuted his podcast “The Chris Cuomo Project” on Thursday, marking his comeback to broadcasting after being fired by CNN in December.

Cuomo was fired after accusations surfaced that he had advised his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), amid controversies like the COVID epidemic and sexual harassment and assault charges.

The former “Cuomo Prime Time” host briefly addressed the subject on his debut show but said he had to be mindful of pending investigations.

Cuomo remarked that the past is the past, and there’s no use in rehashing what was said and done with his brother.

He said he must respect some outstanding legal disputes but wanted to be precise. He regrets what happened, but he won’t regret aiding his family. He told his father he’d always be there for his brother, and he will, just as he has for him, just as his sisters have been for them. That’s family, said, Cuomo.

It’s “family code.” You help a brother bury a dead body. Everyone knows that.

As for the new podcast, Cuomo pledged fair discourse and dialogue, adding that improvement can only occur if people are open-minded and eager to participate.

Cuomo said that, although supporting his brother and late father, Mario Cuomo (D-NY), he didn’t always agree with family members on politics.

“My dad is great. I adore him. Respect them both, but I’m not a Democrat. No, I’m not in the media to make you feel comfortable being a leftist.”

He said this in all seriousness.
Cuomo says he has Republicans and Trump supporters among his true friends, not just people he snaps selfies with at events. He claims his first vote was for George H. W. Bush in 1988, which, apparently, solidifies his open-minded bona fides.

He says he’s not a Democrat or Republican. He opposes both. He is anti-two-party partisanship. He thinks the two-party system is our problem.

Cuomo displayed none of these views while on CNN. He was as much of a partisan hack as possible, constantly arguing every point from the left’s point of view. He even backed violent leftist riots saying, “please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

1st amendment to the constitution states –

“…the right of the people to peaceably assemble.”