Chris Christie Weighs Merit Of Different Trump Indictments

Chris Christie, a Republican presidential contender, claimed on Newsmax that if he had been president in 2020, he would have charged Trump for mishandling classified materials and trying to thwart the outcome of the 2020 election. He said he would have pursued criminal charges against Trump on January 6 but not for the Georgia elections case.

While he thinks the Justice Department operates under a two-tiered system of justice, the former New Jersey governor and federal prosecutor said he would not pardon President Trump.

According to reports, Fox News presenter Bret Baier offered this question to the Republican candidates in the first 2024 GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee: If former President Trump is found guilty in a court of law, will you continue to support him as the party’s choice?

Four candidates responded by showing their support for Trump. Clearly torn, Pence paused before raising his hand, and DeSantis did not raise his hand until he looked around to see if everyone else did. Only Asa Hutchinson kept his hand down.

Seizing the moment, Vivek lauded Trump while criticizing his rival, Chris Christie. He said he thought Trump was the finest president in this century, as the audience cheered. He told Christie that his allegation that Donald Trump is driven by wrath and grievance would seem more plausible if Christie’s campaign were not built on wrath and grievance toward Trump.

A surge of boos emerged at Chris Christie as he attempted to explain himself, and Baier had to intervene to stop the conversation.

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos interviewed Christie in July over Tucker Carlson’s criticism of the United States’ seemingly endless intervention in Ukraine.

Christie said that if he had been in Iowa for the Family Leadership Summit, he could have blasted Carlson for being wrong about Ukraine.

Tucker tweeted back that he agrees a more in-depth discussion is needed. Carlson requested a meeting with Christie to present his position on Ukraine. But Christie refused. Carlson said that Chris Christie plays the tough guy with his sycophants at ABC News, but when serious questions are asked, he ducks them.