Chris Christie Says Kyle Rittenhouse Should Not Have Been Charged

( In an interview on Fox News over the weekend, former New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie had harsh words for the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office for their decision to bring charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. Christie argued that there was no evidence to support the move.

Pointing to his own career as a prosecutor, Christie said that prosecutors aren’t supposed to “give in to the whims of the public.” Instead, they must “dispassionately” review the facts and the evidence to determine if they support bringing charges. Christie said that from the very beginning of the case, he didn’t believe any of the facts and evidence supported charging Rittenhouse.

Christie cited the wealth of video evidence from the night of the incident saying anyone who watched them would know that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. And anyone who knows the law should have known that too.

Despite that, Christie explained, there were legal analysts, political pundits, and even elected officials who acted “irresponsibly and horribly” by attacking Kyle Rittenhouse “without a basis in fact.”

Christie praised the courage of the jury for refusing to cave under public pressure. He said the jury weighed the evidence and came to the right decision. Saying he was proud of the US justice system, Christie said the jury gave Rittenhouse the one chance none of the talking heads on cable news would give him, namely due process. Christie added that the talking heads, on the other hand, “had him convicted a long time ago.”

With Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted, Christie said he hoped that everyone would leave him alone and let him get on with his life. Christie added that nobody should be turning the 18-year-old into some kind of political symbol. Instead, they should give him the chance to move on from “what has been an extraordinarily difficult time” for him and his family.