Chip Roy Threatens DHS & DOJ Funding

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy said on Sunday that Congress should use the “power of the purse” to force the Biden administration to “restore” the rule of law at the Justice Department and secure the border, Fox News reported.

While appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the Texas conservative told host Shannon Bream that Congress should withhold funding over the weaponization of the Justice Department and Homeland Security’s failure to secure the southern border.

Roy said he will vote against any continuing resolution or funding for the Justice Department or Homeland Security unless changes are made to both agencies.

He argued that Congress should use the “power of the purse” to ensure that the southern border is secured and “following the rule of law” is restored at the Justice Department.

When asked how federal agencies can do their jobs if Congress withholds funding, Roy said Congress should not approve a “blank check on September 30” without the president agreeing to come to Congress and present a plan to secure the border and “restore the Department of Justice.”

Bream asked Rep. Roy about the US credit rating being downgraded last week. Roy said the federal government has to stop spending money “recklessly.”

He argued that Congress is funding a federal bureaucracy “that is at odds with the American people.” He said Congress is funding a Homeland Security department that fails to secure the homeland, a Justice Department that won’t uphold the rule of law, and a Pentagon that is “more interested in being woke” than “defending the United States.”

Roy also called on the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. He said Congress can use the power of the purse to demand that a special counsel is appointed.