Chinese Propagandists Are Using Pelosi To Push Their Agenda

( Chinese state media stepped up its aggressive warnings last week against a rumored trip to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that the visit may lead to a military clash or full-scale war.

Republicans like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recommended that Pelosi travels to Taiwan. Pompeo also volunteered to go with her. They were disparaged by propagandist Hu Xijin, former editor of the official Global Times and an outspoken spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party’s most muscular wing.

According to reports, Hu Xijin claimed that as a result, the next Republican-led administration would use the Biden administration as cannon fodder, and the Democratic Party would suffer a significant defeat in the upcoming midterm elections.

That is predicted, but it’s not about Pelosi’s trip.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has warned of a military response if U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi goes ahead with her speculated visit to Taiwan.

China has no actual power in Taiwan, which is a sovereign state. China wrongly refers to the nation as a rebellious “province.”

According to Voice of America News (VOA), The Biden administration’s well-deserved reputation for weakness would be furthered by the spectacle of China dictating where high-ranking American officials are permitted to travel. At the same time, Beijing would look weak for allowing Pelosi to defy its threats and visit Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi would at the very least want to prevent another blow on Taiwan and might even find a crisis beneficial as a method to divert the public or mobilize public opinion. He is facing substantial economic headwinds, the backlash to his zero-COVID policies, and strict lockdowns at home.

According to several people involved in national security policy in Taiwan, Taipei feels “trapped” by the controversy. It is concerned about both Beijing’s potential response and Taiwan’s future if the U.S. backs down. The Taiwanese government has so far kept a low profile on the matter of Pelosi’s planned visit.

If the visit is canceled, it proves China’s intimidation strategies are effective. Others would be reluctant to interact with us, which will have a chilling effect, said a top Taiwanese official.

According to local media, Pelosi will arrive in Taiwan on Tuesday night, even though there haven’t been any formal announcements. She will be the highest-ranking elected American politician to visit in more than 25 years. She would go to Taipei after visiting Malaysia, according to unnamed sources.