Chinese Orders Another “Ban” On Negative Posts About Lockdowns

( Chinese officials in the city of Xi’an recently announced that any “negative news” about the strict COVID-19 lockdown restrictions implemented in the city can no longer be shared on social media – a move eerily similar to the restrictions put in place by Twitter and other mainstream American social media platforms during the COVID pandemic.

The Xi’an municipal government reminded citizens in the region that they are under 24/7 digital surveillance and that any negative posts about the restrictions constitute a violation of local laws. The restrictions in question have already put millions of residents in danger, with many literally starving because of a lack of access to food. Two people have also reportedly died during the lockdowns.

After a cluster of COVID-19 cases was discovered in December, the 13 million residents of the city were forced to isolate at home. Residents soon took to the internet to discuss their dire need of food and household goods, with people sending please out to others in the region and across the rest of the country to help deliver provisions to the region.

City officials were also accused of not properly preparing for the lockdown, with more resources being dedicated to policing people in the city rather than ensuring they have enough food.

Incredibly, Chinese Communist Party officials were accused of having access to food but not arranging the logistics to ship it throughout the city to ensure people could eat.

One of the two people who died during the extreme lockdown was one man who died of a heart attack as his daughter drove him from one hospital to another, begging for doctors to help him. Another was an unborn child who died in a miscarriage when the mother was denied hospital care until she received a negative COVID-19 test.

Once online posts went viral about the crisis, city officials sent a text message to all 13 million city residents that read:

“From Jan. 4, people are banned from posting details of the pandemic restrictions or information about the road situation, videos, links, mini-apps or photos of the situation, particularly negative news…”

It continued:

“There is background surveillance operating on all WeChat groups, and any negative news will be deleted as soon as it is sent. Please bear this in mind and pass the message on…”

Isn’t this disturbingly similar to the way Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram behave whenever someone published negative stories about lockdowns and vaccines?