Chinese “Mind Reader” Tool Reportedly Invented

( The Chinese regime invented a tool that they call a “mind reader,” which reveals when a man is watching pornography, which is illegal in China. South China Morning Post reported that the device can detect brainwaves when one is watching pornographic content, subsequently alerting internet censors, which the regime calls “porn appraisers,” who will check out the site and images.

In a report about the project, Xu Jianjun, chief of the electrical engineering experiment center at Beijing Jiaotong University, said that the device was produced for “bad information detection.” The device was tested on 15 male university students who sat in front of a computer screen.

When explicit images were shown and detected by the brain, an alarm would go off. Contrary to the device, which is only reportedly 80% accurate, however, the brain is capable of detecting and processing pornographic images faster.

Because artificial intelligence can make errors when determining whether something is or is not pornographic, the Chinese employed real-life censors—what they call jian huang shi, or “porn appraisers”—who scour social media for content that they deem “inappropriate.” The censors, or porn appraisers, consist only of women, and authorities believe that there are differences between the genders.

An anonymous researcher brought up potential ethical issues related to the “mind reading” device, claiming that there is a lack of regulation in place that would protect the data they gathered.

“There is no law to regulate the use of such devices or protect the data they collected,” said the researcher who was allegedly from the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei.

The Chinese regime has recently expanded their surveillance, collecting both digital and biological data from their citizens. A New York Times investigation found that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) aim is to design a system that can “maximize what the state can find out about a person’s identity, activities and social connections.”

This technology has enabled Chinese police to detect and analyze as much activity and behavior as possible through facial recognition software. It’s estimated that nearly half of the world’s surveillance cameras are in the communist country.

The regime is also tracking their citizens’ phones to connect their digital lives to their physical whereabouts. From these technologies, the regime is collecting DNA and voice recordings in order to attach them to their facial recognition surveillance cameras to help analyze and detect “suspects” faster.