Chinese Firm Caught Targeting Pregnant Women With Dangerous Experiments

( A shocking report from Reuters just revealed how a Chinese company known as the Beijing Genomics Institute has harvested genetic data from millions of pregnant women from all over the world by selling prenatal tests that were developed as part of a collaboration with communist China’s People’s Liberation Army.

The horror story reveals just how far the Chinese Communist Party is willing to go to advance its own research and scientific prowess, stooping as low as stealing genetic data from unsuspecting pregnant women globally.

An investigation by Reuters discovered that the prenatal test, which is one of the most popular in the world, has become a regular source of genetic data for the company – and that data has been handed over to the Chinese military to aid in their “population quality” efforts. Specifically, the Chinese military and its scientists are working on combating genetic problems in soldiers.

It’s literally part of a plan by the Chinese military to create the perfect genetic soldiers.

It sounds like something from a movie, but it’s real.

The report explained how over eight million women globally have taken the BGI test. According to the company, it only stores location data from women located in mainland China, but who knows? China also said that the COVID-19 virus might have come from a bat, or that it could have come from American soldiers, and that it definitely didn’t come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

And we know that probably isn’t true…

BGI did confirm to Reuters that genetic data has been collected from women outside China, and that it was transmitted to the gene database in China. BGI insists that they own and manage the database, but given that the company is partly owned by the Chinese state, that doesn’t mean much.

Reuters revealed how one study performed by BGI used a supercomputer to map the prevalence of different viruses in Chinese women. The study looked at indicators for mental illness in Chinese women and then singled out Uyghur and Tibetan minorities to find links between those mental illnesses or receptiveness to viruses and the genetics of those two ethnic groups.

You can read the full report here. Be warned, it’s terrifying.

At this point, you’d think President Joe Biden would have something to say about China’s constant human rights abuses, but he’s too busy focusing on Black Lives Matter and spending trillions of dollars on a fake “infrastructure” package…