China Used Online Bot Army To Push For Liberal Protests Across The Country

( Cybersecurity experts at FireEye recently revealed in a new report that the Chinese Communist Party specifically worked to incite violent riots in the United States, proving just how far China will go to cause unrest abroad while it continues to work on advancing its own strategic goals.

The report claims that China orchestrated a massive influence campaign across social media platforms in 2020, encouraging Americans to mobilize and join the street protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. The riots were organized in large part by Democrat voters, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter supporters.

The report explains how a number of Chinese-backed accounts promoted false narratives about racism in the United States, including incorrect claims that the police are “institutionally racist” and that Black Americans are discriminated against in the justice system.

According to FireEye researchers, misinformation posts about COVID-19 written in German and Russian were also created by people who were not native in those languages – indicating that Chinese propagandists may have been distributing information in those languages in the hope of redirecting attention to countries that Democrats are more likely to blame for such a campaign.

Think about it – if America thinks that the propaganda campaigns are coming from Russia, the government won’t be pointing the finger at China…

Accounts revealed by the report appear to be interconnected in many ways, but mostly as a result of the content being extremely similar in nature. In some instances, the messaging shared by the accounts was completely identical, and those posts were recreated and shared on as many as 30 different social media platforms and on more than 40 different forums and websites.

According to the report, which you can read here, China purposely worked to cause division in the United States, Russia, and Europe.

So…when will Joe Biden do something about it?