China Shares Photo Mocking Biden’s Bicycle Crash

( According to an article in China’s government propaganda newspaper Global Times on Monday, President Joe Biden may be considering lowering tariffs on Chinese goods. The report included an embarrassing photo of Biden falling off a bicycle this weekend, which was not mentioned in the article and had nothing to do with its subject matter.

During a family vacation bicycle ride in Delaware this past weekend, Biden startled onlookers when he suddenly fell over while stopping to speak to the media.

Later, Biden insisted he was “feeling fantastic” and had not experienced any health problems, except that his foot had become trapped in the foot pedal. The president didn’t seem to receive any significant wounds.

Biden, when explaining the incident, asked if anyone rides bikes. He said some bikes include a device you insert your toe into to keep your foot from slipping off the pedals. He said his foot became stuck on the right side as he got off.

The Global Times, a publication authorized by the Chinese Communist Party, did not mention the accident in Delaware. Instead, it claimed that the Biden administration is attempting to use the lifting of tariffs imposed under former President Donald Trump to negotiate with Beijing. And the communist regime did not consider him to be in any state to be negotiating.

In the article titled “US Seeks Dialogue With China to Ease Inflation Pressure- Lifting Additional Tariffs is Not a Gift For Bargaining,” the picture the Chinese chose to run was Biden falling off his bike.

The image selection seems to attempt to show America’s vulnerability in general at the hands of a helpless elderly guy.

To help American industries compete in the face of a wave of Chinese government intellectual property theft, meager prices made possible by slavery, and belligerent, colonialist behavior by the Chinese government abroad, Trump imposed tariffs on upwards of $100 billion in Chinese goods. This included items like textiles and clothing that will be subject to slave goods restrictions as of Tuesday. Biden has come under pressure from his cabinet, especially from Gina Raimondo, the secretary of commerce, and Janet Yellen, the secretary of the treasury, to reduce those tariffs to lower the price of Chinese goods. This would allegedly help Americans struggling with rising inflation prices but at the expense of American companies and their geopolitical interests.