China Reportedly Working On Mind Control Tech

A recent study claims that China is working on weapons designed to interfere with mental processes in an effort to engage in “cognitive warfare” and exert influence on political and military leaders as well as maintain total population control.

According to the paper, innovation in research might have severe repercussions, but China does not yet have the military-industrial foundation to produce the technology for a “NeuroStrike” program that fits the strategic aspirations of the CCP.

The findings of the research compound the problems already confronting the free world since the CCP seeks to alter the established international order based on rules. U.S. intelligence officials warned in a report published in February that China is utilizing domestic and international programs and initiatives to push for a new international order headed by China. This order would prioritize political stability and state sovereignty above individual rights.

NeuroStrike, according to the scientific community, is the deliberate, non-kinetic geared toward the brains of military personnel or civilians in order to disrupt their normal cognitive functions, decrease their situational awareness, cause permanent neurological damage, or kill them. According to the paper, microwaves and other forms of directed energy fall within the category of non-kinetic technologies.

According to the report, the Chinese regime’s weaponization of neuroscience extends well beyond the scope and knowledge of traditional microwave weapons, which may be used in handguns or bigger weapons shooting electromagnetic beams.

In 2020, two American academics published a report analyzing China’s plans to use biotechnology in the military. They found indications that China was considering adopting gene-editing technologies to improve human performance, including that of soldiers.

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a gene-editing technology that has been extensively studied by Chinese researchers. While Western scientists have used CRISPR to repair genetic illnesses and edit plants, they do not believe it is ethical to try to manipulate genes in healthy humans in order to improve their performance.