China Reportedly Blackmailing Corporate America In Biden’s America

( Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are warning that the CCP is conducting a “campaign of malign influence” throughout sectors of the US economy. Led by Devin Nunes, the Intelligence Committee Republicans are investigating China’s efforts to both manipulate and coerce US businesses.

These House Republicans have already drawn up some preliminary conclusions that indicate US companies are being manipulated into helping the Communist Chinese Government carry out its anti-American agenda.

According to a document from House Intelligence GOP, China is aggressively working to influence and shape events and public opinion to undermine both US national security and economic security. Worse still, the document explains, American businesses – either knowingly or not – are often helping China carry out its dangerous agenda.

One common method Beijing uses to accomplish this is to entice or coerce collaboration from US entities in order to acquire (read steal) intellectual property and technology.

Sectors Intelligence Committee Republicans identify as being at risk from CCP influence include pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, media, finance, sports and technology. The plan is to probe how vulnerable these sectors are to Chinese theft and determine what firms are doing to protect their technology from being stolen.

Congressman Devin Nunes appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News to discuss this ongoing investigation.

Concerns over Chinese influence within the US have been growing, especially in light of the COVID pandemic.

Last week, Nike CEO John Donahoe, in response to China’s human rights abuses, made the shocking statement that his company is “of China and for China.”

In addition to US businesses being coerced or manipulated into “sharing key technologies with China,” House Republicans say these businesses are also “receiving guidance and direction” from CCP officials attempting to influence operations.

Additionally, House Republicans believe that the CCP “influences U.S. industry and financial leaders to pressure local, state, and federal executives and legislatures to take actions that benefit Beijing.” The CCP routinely uses threats to cancel contracts or withdraw access to Chinese markets to suppress negative comments.

The GOP Intelligence Committee report indicates that US companies’ dependence on Chinese supply chains is also leaving them vulnerable to pressure. What’s more China knows that “its position in the U.S. supply chain could be exploited to jeopardize U.S. national security.”