China Releases List Of Its Biggest Enemies, And Trump Is On It

( China is doubling down on accusations that the West is “interfering” in its own internal affairs, publishing a list of more than 100 instances of what they claim is the Biden administration interfering in Hong Kong.

The special administrative region of Hong Kong is considered to be Chinese territory by the Chinese Communist Party, and after the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984, the region was handed over to China so long as the country guaranteed the economic and political freedom of the country for 50 years following the transfer.

Mere decades into the new agreement, China has begun limiting the freedom of the people of Hong Kong, cracking down on newspapers critical of the Chinese Communist Party, changing the legislative system, and shutting down pro-democracy protests. And after United States politicians and government officials denounced the CCP for its actions, China is hitting back.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told the press on Friday that the United States “must not tolerate any force that is anti-China” or “stirs troubles in Hong Kong.”

That’s rich, coming from a nation that unleashed a deadly virus onto the world and caused global economic and political chaos.

The Chinese ministry then published a list on its official website of “interference” in China dating back to 2019, including President Donald Trump’s signing of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act of 2020, right up to the Biden administration.

Which is funny, because the Biden administration is the most pro-China administrative since…well, since the last time Biden was in the White House.

President Donald Trump famously ordered an end to the special status under American law for Hong Kong in response to China’s “oppressive actions” against the region, and it looks like President Biden is now stuck deciding whether or not to go back hard at China.

This will be a tough decision for him.