China Pretends Shutting Down Newspapers Is Like U.S. Shutting Down Parler

( Chinese state-run media outlets claimed On Friday that the government’s decision to shut down the pro-democracy Hong Kong newspaper “Apple Daily” was the same as Big Tech companies in the United States shutting down social media platform “Parler.”

When China is comparing its anti-democracy and anti-freedom policies to America’s Big Tech problem, you know there’s something not right…

China also compared the decision, which saw hundreds of Chinese law enforcement officials raiding the offices of the newspaper, to the decision by the United States Federal Communications Commission to take legal action against media outlets that don’t abide by broadcasting standards.

Beijing’s authoritarian communist government forced the Apple Daily newspaper to shut down over its criticism of the government and China’s encroachment into Hong Kong, but the government claims that it was simply a matter of stopping the newspaper from violating “national security law.”

It’s a bit of a stretch to compare the United States and Western governments requiring media outlets to abide by certain standards, and China’s refusal to allow newspapers to go to print if they are critical of the government.

If anything, the United States’ right to freedom of the press results in the freest press in the world. So free, in fact, that CNN could spend years promoting conspiracy theories about former President Trump’s “collusion with Russia.”

If that were happening in China, the government would have shut them down already.

Xinhua, the Chinese state news service, said that the shutting down of the offices was “in accordance with the law” and exactly the same as what the United States does. The outlet also cited how Germany bans holocaust denial and other kinds of incitement to hatred.

This is how far the Chinese communists will go to protect their control over the Chinese people. But do the Chinese people, for the most part, realize what they are doing?