China Nuclear Emergency Developing, Reports Say

( The Taishan Nuclear Power Plant near Hong Kong is reportedly experiencing a “performance issue,” according to the French joint operator of the Chinese plant. The nuclear power plant is reportedly still operating within its safety limits, despite a report of a possible radioactive leak from the plant.

French multinational energy supplier Electricite de France – which is the main owner of Framatome – co-owns the plant with the Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power Groupe.

Framatome issued a statement on Monday describing how their engineers were working on a “performance issue” and that they are assessing the situation and putting forward proposals to “address any potential issue.”

It doesn’t exactly sound reassuring, does it?

According to local media reports and the Hong Kong Observatory, radiation levels throughout Hong Kong, which is around 85 miles away from the plant, were normal on Monday. However, an “imminent radiological threat” warning was sent to the United States Department of Energy by Framatome, suggesting that the “performance issue” could become something much worse. According to reports from CNN, U.S. officials, however, have said that the issue doesn’t present an immediate threat.

The issue appears to revolve around the presence of a number of rare gases in the plant’s primary circuit. Continuous monitoring of the surrounding area suggests that there has been no radioactive leak so far, but very little about the exact nature of the problem has yet to be fully released to the public.

The United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency is in contact with the Chinese authorities and has said that Chinese officials have yet to find evidence that a radiological incident has occurred.

But given the lack of transparency we received during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to believe that China would be honest about something like this in the first place.

We’ll report back with more information as we receive it.