China Makes Move To Control Disputed Waters

( China is continuing its assault on the sovereignty of its neighbors, insisting that it controls the South China Sea – despite international opposition – and announcing new rules on ships that pass through the territory.

It comes after Vice President Kamala Harris visited Vietnam and offered the country support from the United States military in beefing up its naval capacity to stand up to China.

Reports this week revealed how mainland China attempted to tighten its control over the South China Sea by issuing a statement demanding that all international vessels notify the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration when passing through the waters.

In the statement, the Chinese government insisted that all foreign ships must tell their authorities their ship’s name, their call sign, and their position. They must also report any dangerous cargo.

It creates a difficult situation for the international community. Only China recognizes its dominance and control over the region, and much of the West stand against the communist country taking control of the contested region of the Western Pacific Ocean. Abiding by the new rules would effectively be accepting that China owns the region, while ignoring them could potentially lead to armed conflict with the country.

The Chinese military has significantly ramped up its presence in the region.

Shen Jinke, an official spokesperson for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force said that Chinese jets “conduct patrols in the East China Sea and the South China Sea” and that their officers and soldiers “will firmly safeguard China’s air security and national development interests.”

It seems as though Kamala Harris’ tough words during her recent trip to Vietnam…didn’t work.