Children Experiencing Side Effects From Mask Rules

( British school inspectors, who work for the agency OFSTED, have found that young children have suffered greatly in terms of their ability to develop speech and social skills because of adults wearing masks.

Inspectors from OFSTED revealed in a report that the last two years of children and adults wearing masks has dramatically impaired speech skills for millions of children.

Children turning two years old, the report says, will have been surrounded by adults wearing masks for their entire lives – meaning that they have been unable to see lip movements as regularly as children born outside of the pandemic.

Some healthcare providers reportedly told OFSTED that delays to the development of speech and language skills has resulted in children not socializing with other children as easily as they would have otherwise.

Incredibly, the report also explains how toddlers have taken longer to learn how to crawl, to use the toilet, and to make friends.

Was it worth it? For masks that don’t work?

OFSTED chief inspector Amanda Spielman responded to the report and said that she is “particularly worried about younger children’s development,” which she says, if left unaddressed, could cause major problems for primary schools in the future.

We reported earlier this year on how a a speech therapist told the news that her clinic alone saw a 364% increase in patient referrals for toddlers and children.


If this is happening in the United Kingdom, then you can bet that it is happening here in the United States, too.

We get this shocking news as legislators, governors, and mayors across the country express hesitance to fully drop all mask mandates in school.

Will those responsible for mask mandates ever apologize for hurting an entire generation of our children?