Child Suicide Skyrocketed In Lockdowns According To Scientists

( Experts said from the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that children did not appear to be affected by the Chinese coronavirus in the same way adults are, meaning that lockdown measures that heavily impacted children – like the closing of schools – probably did more harm than good.

And those suspicions were just tragically confirmed true after research from the University of California revealed that the pandemic resulted in a large spike in mental health hospitalizations for children and even young suicide.

Jeanne Noble, the director of COVID-19 response for the University of California San Francisco said that an academic manuscript analyzing the mental effect lockdown had on children is almost finished. Some of the key findings from the report were released early, including some shocking statistics about suicide.

Noble said that suicides in California increased by 24% last year for people under the age of 18. Suicide for adults, however, dropped by 11%.

A presentation from Noble reveals how the “profound social isolation” and a loss of “essential social supports” that are usually provided by in-person classes and the school environment have led to a dramatic impact on the overall wellbeing and mental health of children across the state.

Noble also revealed how children who required mental health services in 2020 jumped in the space of a year at the Children’s Hospital of Oakland, and there was also an increase in the number of children admitted to the hospital for eating disorders. The number of young people who experience eating disorders more than doubled at the hospital, and in January, the Mission Bay emergency department broke a record for the highest number of suicidal children. Some 21% of children admitted to the hospital were experiencing suicidal thoughts.

You can read more about the horrifying statistics here.

Shouldn’t this be a warning for all politicians in America that lockdowns are doing more harm than good?