“Child-Friendly” Drag Shows May Put Children At Risk

A report shows that a therapist who has spent their career working with sexual predators says that drag events for kids might be a breeding ground for such people.

It all started in San Francisco with “Drag Queen Story Hour,” but today, you can find it at public libraries, parades, restaurants, concert halls, and classrooms around the country.

Men dressed as women conduct sexy dances in skimpy or provocative garments and deliver jokes with sexual overtones.

Experts say these programs may let sexual predators hide in plain sight and groom minors for sexual activity.

According to therapist Jon Uhler, who works with sex offenders, if an adult male is comfortable doing a sexy dance in a tiny women’s dress for children, he is likely highly sexually deviant and presents an elevated danger to women and children.

He said that sexual deviance is a process that, over time, leads to more terrible behaviors.


Over the course of 15 years, Uhler treated numerous sex offenders, worked with over 4,000 offenders in a variety of settings, and had over 13,000 hours of direct clinical interaction.  Uhler claims that exposure to more and more “deviant” pornography accelerates the process of sexual deviance.

Uhler recommends that parents keep their kids away from drag performances.  He said consumers should not patronize businesses that help fund “child-friendly” drag shows.

According to Uhler, parents should not hesitate to report any behavior that may put a child in danger or lead to harassment by a potential pedophile.

Uhler said that part of the enjoyment for a psychopath is toying with the public and discovering how stupid adults can be.

What are Uhler’s concerns regarding the Trans Movement?   

He says the trans movement is a lie and a fraudulent agenda driven by special interests such as big pharma, doctors, biomedical companies, sexual predators, and social engineers. It also suggests that the movement is based on a man-made psychological myth and is being marketed using techniques borrowed from cults.