Chicago Mayor Claims Carjackers Are Just “Unloved”

( During an event last weekend, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed the recent report that over half the city’s carjackings are committed by juveniles, and claimed that the reason juvenile suspects are responsible is that many Chicago youth are unloved.

During a town hall event with Chicago youths at the Harold Washington Library on Saturday, Lightfoot explained that too many of the young people in the audience were feeling unloved, “and we need to change that if we are going to change the trajectory of their lives.”

Back in February, Lightfoot blamed the spike in carjackings on the remote learning put in place as part of the city’s COVID pandemic response. But with that excuse off the table, Lightfoot has to shift gears to blaming it on a lack of good parenting that is leaving Chicago juveniles feeling unloved.

Chicago police recently released crime data that revealed that 57 percent of the city’s carjackings are committed by juvenile suspects.

Lightfoot also said during the event that the city can’t “arrest ourselves” out of the crime wave that has been plaguing Chicago since Lori Lightfoot took office. But what does that even mean? Is Lori Lightfoot saying that the solution isn’t to arrest the juveniles that are hijacking cars?

So far this year, shootings and homicides have dropped compared to the previous year. But other crimes, including carjackings, continue to rise.

By the end of March this year, Chicago only had 508 shootings whereas, by the end of March 2021, there were 582 shootings in the city.

Meanwhile, there have been about 433 carjackings in Chicago so far this year compared to 425 that were committed during the same time last year. To date, Chicago police have only made 72 arrests in the carjacking epidemic.