Charlie Rose Returns To TV With Warren Buffett Interview After Being Cancelled

( Charlie Rose, 80, sat down with Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, to talk business and several of today’s headline-makers. It’s his first on-camera interview in over a year, and it’s the first he’s done in over four years.
After 27 women accused him of sexual harassment, the former CBS anchor was sacked from the network in November 2017. Last September, he responded to the ex-employees lawsuit by claiming that the women were ‘exploiting the #MeToo movement’ and that their charges of harassment were unfounded.
In May 2018, Rose requested that a judge dismiss the suit filed against him by Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal, and Yuqing ‘Chelsea’ Wei. They accused him of ‘predatory behavior’ and ‘blatant and repeated sexual harassment – including groping, making obscene late-night phone calls, and getting naked in their presence.
The lawsuit is ongoing.
However, he does admit he made a ‘joking statement’ to Harris and McNeal about spending so much time together at work they might as well be sleeping with one another, according to court documents filed in New York County.
The plaintiffs claim that Mr. Rose often boasted of his sexual escapades, talking about the ladies he was with when he was younger.
In court filings, he stated that on one occasion, when Wei brought him papers in an amusing and respectful manner, he informed her that he enjoyed the way she had done that. Mr. Rose allegedly urged Ms. Harris and McNeal to have sex with each other and told them they simply needed to become lovers already.
Mr. Rose referred to Ms. McNeal as ‘China Girl’ and ‘China Doll,’ according to Ms. McNeal. The women’s claim demands specific damages, while his attorneys say that when the program was canceled, everyone who worked on it was fired.
The disgraced anchor also faces an additional lawsuit from his former makeup artist Gina Riggi. According to Riggi, Rose allegedly verbally harassed Riggi and regularly reached for her physically while she attempted to comb his hair or correct his cosmetics almost daily. The Emmy-nominated cosmetics artist alleges she was subjected to a pattern of chauvinist, abusive conduct.
According to Riggi, Rose reportedly used the Bloomberg studio as a sexual hunting ground, where he allegedly preyed on female colleagues throughout the years.
According to the complaint, Riggi had a maternal, protecting impulse for her younger female coworkers, who utilized her cosmetics area as a ‘refuge’ from Rose. According to the report, the ladies frequently came to her in tears, distressed, and scared, telling their accounts of Mr. Rose’s unwanted sexual approaches, chauvinism, and violence.
According to the lawsuit, Mr. Rose remarked on their physical attractiveness, asked improper questions about their personal and romantic lives, and bombarded them with late-night phone calls. Rose’s behavior shook one producer so much that she had to abandon her workplace close to Rose’s office and create a makeshift home in the makeup area.

According to the lawsuit, Rose appeared to relish threatening women and seemed to take twisted delight in the misery, embarrassment, and humiliation.