Chances Of A Nuclear Fallout Increase To 10% For This Year Alone

( BCA Research, an investment trends forecaster, claims that there is a one in ten chance that within the next 12 months there will be a “civilization-ending global nuclear war.”

The prediction comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin placed his nation’s nuclear weapons bases on “high alert” over heightened tensions with the West as he continues his military invasion of Ukraine.

BCA Research global chief strategic Peter Berezin made the comments in a research note that he titled “Rising Risk of a Nuclear Apocalypse.”

Berezin directly references Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine as the main reason why the “risk of Armageddon has risen dramatically.”

He described an “uncomfortably high 10% chance” of a global nuclear war caused by the collapse of Russia’s ruble, which is likely to lead to a dramatic reduction in living standards in the country and potentially a revolt against the Russian president among the Russian people.

“A quiet retirement is not an option for him,” he said.

Berezin said that even if the world manages to escape a world war, however, there will likely be a “freak out moment” in the markets similar to the impact seen at the beginning of the COVID-10 pandemic in 2020.

If that’s the case, it could mean economic turmoil for much, much longer…and people with assets able to cash in on cheap investments and potentially make big bucks when the economy eventually recovers.

Well, it’s either a global nuclear war or Vladimir Putin withdraws his troops from Ukraine.

Which one do you think it will be?