Chair of Illinois Republican Party Quits, Says Infighting Culprit

In the United States over the last several years the political climate has markedly changed within the country. Since the 2016 presidential election in which the real estate mogul and businessman from New York City Donald J Trump defeated Hillary Clinton a career politician in an unlikely major upset victory, the country has become a divided polarized, and tense place. As the 2024 calendar year approaches its midpoint, and the summer season enters full swing only four and a half months separate the American people from the presidential election this November and election day. 

Currently, the presidential contest is forecasted to be a rematch of the previous affair in which the incumbent 46th president Joe Biden defeated Trump. Republicans and Democrats across the country continue to call with each other and the nation is truly polarized. While Joe Biden is unpopular, Donald Trump and fellow Republicans continue to offer very limited appeal to many other people that may be dissatisfied with the progressive  party. A recent poll showed that one of every four voters prefers to vote for somebody other than Trump or Biden. The election will be close. 

Many Republicans around the nation have been calling for the party to unify in their messaging and do everything in their power to mobilize voters and achieve a major presidential victory for Trump in November. Despite this, political infighting continues to plague the party at a higher level than Democrats who are often in lockstep with one another. In Illinois, the Republican party chair Don Tracy resigned complaining of bickering within the party. He quoted Ronald Reagan, a former president and said that Republicans who continue to fight one another have no chance to take on the Democrats. Illinois has long been a liberal state in which the city of Chicago and the progressives that run it often dominate the political picture and control the state trajectory in terms of governance.