CEO “Takes A Break” After Announcing Support For JK Rowling

( Christian Henson, the co-founder of Spitfire Audio, is currently taking “a sabbatical” as the company considers how to move past the alleged damage he caused by tweeting in support of Graham Linehan, the creator of “Father Ted,” and JK Rowling.

Although Henson no longer has a Twitter account, the tweet from September 5th stated the following: “As a parent I can no longer keep my mouth shut about this. I am in full support of glinner & @jk_rowling. Please look into this. If you have young children it’s in the post if you have autistic children it’s probably already on your doormat.”

His post refers to the worldwide epidemic of young kids referred to pediatric gender clinics for gender dysphoria. J.K. Rowling and Graham Linehan have both spoken extensively about this subject and have both received unrelenting criticism as a result.

Spitfire Audio’s current CEO, Will Evans, stated in response to Henson’s tweet apologizing for the “hurt” caused by it and asserting that they have “worked hard to be a beacon for the industry and have a responsibility to do better” and that “Christian is going to take a break as we reflect on how to move forward.”

“Christian’s views are his own, and as a company we’re committed to building an inclusive environment for our employees, collaborators and customers,” Evans said, adding, “Christian’s going to take a break as we reflect on how to move forward, and in the meantime please accept my apologies on behalf of Spitfire Audio.”

JK Rowling tweeted in response to the subsequent Twitter uproar, saying: “The CEO of @SpitfireAudio, Will Evans, doesn’t appear to have read the rulings in the cases of Allison Bailey or Maya Forstater. I wish you luck in it.”

The Maya Forstater verdict alludes to a significant tribunal decision that declared gender-critical beliefs, like those made by Henson, to be protected under the Equality Act 2010, making persons who hold such views legally immune to harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

A few months later, Allison Bailey’s discrimination case was decided, and it was determined that she, too, had experienced discrimination because of her gender-critical opinions. Bailey, a barrister, and co-founder of the LGB Alliance, suffered retaliation from her employment after tweeting sexist thoughts.

According to a new report, a third of children and young people who are sent to GIDS have autism or another form of neurodiversity. The Tavistock gender clinic in England was “not a safe or practical long-term solution,” the report said.