CBS Forced To Delete Poll After It Showed Most People Think January 6th Was Just A “Protest”

( CBS News, one of several major left-wing news outlets that promote the January 6 conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump inspired a “violent insurrection,” recently attempted to bury a YouGov poll that showed how a huge portion of Americans don’t believe their reporting.

The YouGov poll showed how a majority of Americans actually believe that the riot on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, was just a “protest that went too far” rather than the insurrection that CBS and other news networks have repeatedly pitched it as.

A poll of 2,063 American adults found how 76% think the protest went too far, and 55% believe that it was an “insurrection.” Sadly, it means that roughly half of the American population still believes the false “insurrection” narrative, but it does mean that the other half of the country knows what the media and the Democrats are trying to do with this riot.

Where are the polls asking the American people what they thought about the 2020 Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots? Then again, even if those polls were to be performed now, the fact that the media refused to cover so much of the damage done by left-wing activists that summer means that a huge portion of Americans living outside of major cities probably doesn’t even know about it.

According to the poll, some 80% of the Republicans believe that the protest just “went too far,” and even a massive 69% of Democrats thought the same. That’s substantial, given the way the Democrats have tried to paint the riot as a terrorist incident on par with 9/11.

Perhaps most importantly, some 80% of independents also said that they believe the protest simply got out of hand – an indication that those separated from the radical ideas and narrative of the Democrats just don’t buy it.

So, how did CBS News bury it? Well, the graphics shared by the news outlet only displayed the other options – ignoring the “protest that went too far” option.

See for yourself:

And mainstream press journalists and advocates wonder why people don’t trust these outlets?