CBS Finally Confirms Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real

( After airing a program on Monday claiming to authenticate the contents of the infamous laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, CBS produced total bewilderment among conservatives. Bear in mind that this article was published years after the New York Post first reported on the laptop in the midst of the campaign for the presidency in the year 2020.

According to a report by CBS, Republicans in the House of Representatives intend to make President Joe Biden’s son a “target for investigation” based on charges of corruption arising from the laptop. CBS commissioned the independent forensic investigation.

CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge said that the examination of the laptop’s material did not indicate that it had been fabricated or altered. But, she also went on to say, naively, that there is no evidence to suggest that President Biden “personally benefitted” from his son’s business transactions in other countries.

Biden has also denied having any knowledge of the financial dealings involving his son, which, according to the laptop revelations, is a lie.

On Twitter, conservatives unleashed a barrage of criticism against the CBS article, calling it “too little, too late,” and accused the network of trying to “do a victory lap” by verifying data years after it had been publicly available.

“My employer had a forensics team establish the validity of the laptop YEARS ago,” Meghan McCain said in a tweet.

“Anyone with five brain cells has known that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.”

“I am absolutely mystified as to why CBS is taking a victory lap or taking any form of credit on this today – years late? ”

Clay Travis of Outkick and others brought up an interview conducted by CBS with Donald Trump in which reporter Lesley Stahl stated that the laptop’s authenticity could not be verified.

“After ignoring reports for a period of two years and laughing them off, the mainstream media wants to celebrate a victory lap over its “independent review. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) said in a letter.

“You cannot make this stuff up,” she said, unaware that that is exactly what the media does. They make stuff up.