Catholic Church Under Pressure From Progressives

The Catholic Church’s beliefs on topics like female ordination and the LGBTQ community are attacked by a vocal progressive minority.

Beginning in October 2021 and lasting for three years, the Synod on Synodality is an opportunity for “hearing and debate” on specific doctrinal matters that will be submitted to Pope Francis for his consideration. When asked whether he thought some would use the gathering to further their goals and agendas, CatholicVote president Brian Burch said that while Pope Francis had warned against allowing “ideology” to permeate the community, he nonetheless suspected that some would.

Because Jesus only chose males to serve as apostles, the Catholic Church has permanently barred women from holding ordained roles. The church has always taught that sexual immorality, such as homosexuality and adultery, is unacceptable. Some Catholics want the church to accept all people, including those in the LGBTQ community, and to end its ban on women priests.

According to Mary FioRito, a Cardinal Francis George fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, most Catholics aren’t interested in discussing these topics. She claimed that most American Catholics do not share the concerns of the radical few focused on altering the church’s doctrine.

A group of Catholic cardinals wrote to Pope Francis before the Synod with various queries, including requests for clarification on the Vatican’s stance on same-sex marriage and ordaining women. Francis said that while marriage is solely between one man and one woman, there may be exceptional circumstances where a different blessing is permissible. Many Catholics were “puzzled” by the pope’s response.

For years, Catholics have discussed Pope Francis’ position on same-sex marriage, and in a 2020 documentary, the Pope appeared to support the idea of “civil union law” for gay couples.

In January, Francis said that although it is a “sin,” homosexuality should not be illegal.