Cartoonist Fired For Comparing Mandates and Lockdowns To Communist China

( A high-profile cartoonist from Australia has been fired from his top spot in The Age newspaper after he drew a cartoon comparing the resistance against Australia’s authoritarian mandatory COVID-19 vaccines to the fight for democracy that ended in the Tiananmen Square massacre in China.

Speaking to the Australian “Media Diary,” Michael Leunig said that he is “apparently out of touch with the readership.” He was fired for his role after providing the controversial cartoon for the Monday edition of the Melbourne-based newspaper.

The cartoon was never actually printed, but if it had been, viewers would have seen a large-nosed figure – a staple of his cartoons – standing up to the silhouette or shadow of a tank that had a syringe in place of a turret.

You don’t have to imagine it, either. You can see it in his Instagram post below:

The newspaper hasn’t confirmed that Leunig was fired, but did issue a statement claiming that they are “trialing new cartoonists” for the page.

Sure. Sure.

Leunig said that at The Age, you “can’t go near the Covid story except in a way that’s supportive of the Victorian government’s handling of it.” He added that anybody who is not supportive is likely to get canceled.

He also said that 12 of his other cartoons submitted to the newspaper, which were also related to the authoritarian and unprecedented vaccine mandates, were censored by the paper over the last year.

Leunig explained how the newspaper informed him that his cartoons were no longer wanted by the paper, and that they were “pretty blunt and discourteous” about it.

Oh well. At least Australians know what The Age really stands for now…and know not to buy it anymore.