Captured Footage Shows When Multiple Tornadoes Hit

( Tornadoes touched down in South Carolina and Georgia and were captured in staggering footage which was shared online.
As heavy weather pummeled the region on Tuesday afternoon, Twister videos filmed in the two states were posted on social media. According to the National Weather Service, at least 33 reports of tornadoes extending from Mississippi to South Carolina.
“What you’re seeing is a tornado in Allendale, South Carolina,” says the man filming a massive tornado from across a field. He asks that the Lord help the ones that are in the path of that tornado.
In other harrowing footage, a couple is caught in the pathway of the twister video from inside their truck. The distraught woman says to the driver, “I love you, baby,” obviously thinking they are going to meet their maker.
A meteorologist for CBS station WLTX in South Carolina, Cory Smith, tweeted images of an overturned car in a Walmart parking lot in the town of Manning, indicating that the tornado damage was widespread. Manning is about 90 miles northeast of Allendale.
A Twitter user named @myahcowart shared a video of what looked to be a very close call with a tornado in Ellabell, Georgia this Tuesday. The videographer says, in an understatement, “not good,” as the twister is nearing the house. A portion of the roof was sheared off as the monster winds went by.
The coroner for Georgia’s Bryan County, Bill Cox, said one person in Pembroke, which is about eight miles west of Ellabell, was killed, according to WTGS.
In response to a tornado video posted by the CBS meterologist Andrew Gorton, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp tweeted that his administration would continue to do everything they could to support all impacted by the severe weather, including the emergency personnel who are responding to the needs of the community
The tornadoes struck just as portions of Texas were still dealing with the aftermath of heavy thunderstorms which triggered floods and power outages.
On Monday, viral footage of storms in Texas were posted on social media, showing overturned automobiles, including a semi-truck.
The storms came as parts of Texas were recovering from flooding and power outages caused by severe thunderstorms. Viral videos of the storms in Texas, showing overturned vehicles, including a semi-truck, were shared on social media on Monday.