Captured Brothers Of Hamas Commander Tell All

Israeli authorities have apprehended the siblings of Ahmed Ghandour, the Northern Gaza Brigade former commander of Hamas, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike. Official sources report that these detained individuals are currently divulging crucial information, shedding light on the terrorist attack that occurred on October 7 and other related incidents.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant revealed that the brothers are cooperating with interrogations and have already shared significant details about the murders that occurred on October 7. This development is being hailed as an important victory for Israel’s operations in northern Gaza.

Ghandour was one of five high-ranking Hamas officials who were confirmed dead after Israel targeted a tunnel system destroyed by an airstrike last month. The same tunnel had previously been pictured with Ghandour and his deputy, Wael Rajab, enjoying a meal and discussing with other Hamas leaders.

The Israel Defense Forces have emphasized that Ghandour played a pivotal role in directing and managing all terrorist activities conducted by Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip. His demise adds to the growing list of Hamas commanders eliminated by Israeli forces, including those leading battalions in various regions.

During a recent meeting with the IDF’s 162nd Division, Minister Gallant reiterated that Israel’s campaign against Hamas in Gaza City is gaining momentum. He highlighted the Jewish forces’ successful infiltration of the extensive 300-mile-long tunnel network beneath the Palestinian enclave. Gallant disclosed that operations are not limited to the underground, as Israeli forces are also conducting targeted strikes above ground.

The exact methods employed by the IDF to destroy the underground tunnel system, often referred to as the “Gaza Metro,” remain undisclosed. However, military chief Herzi Halevi has expressed support for flooding the tunnels with seawater from the Mediterranean. Reports suggest that this strategy has already been initiated, with Israel aiming to incapacitate Hamas’ underground infrastructure.

Nevertheless, environmental experts have raised concerns regarding the potential long-term consequences of this approach. Flooding the tunnels with seawater could have a detrimental impact on the groundwater across the Gaza Strip, compromising essential resources for the Palestinian population.

As Israel continues its operations against Hamas, the information obtained from the captured brothers of Ahmed Ghandour could prove instrumental in dismantling the terrorist group’s infrastructure.