Capitol Police Arrest Man With “Ghost Gun”

( On Wednesday, Capitol Police announced that a fugitive with a loaded, self-assembled so-called “ghost gun” was arrested. The gun was a Polymer80 9mm firearm that contained 13 rounds of ammunition. The fugitive was caught and arrested after being pulled over by officers on Tuesday night.

20-year-old Trevon Nibblins, a Maryland resident, was pulled over by officers after they saw him driving a stolen vehicle in Washington, D.C. An arrest warrant had been issued for Nibblins by Prince George’s County, and when he was pulled over the firearm was found hidden in between the driver’s seat and the center console.

He now faces several charges, ranging from carrying a gun without a license, having no valid permit, being a fugitive from justices, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of unregistered ammunition, as well as unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger issued a statement about the arrest praising the “great police work” that saw him finally caught, and said that there is “one less illegal gun in our community.”

“These kinds of arrests make a difference,” he added.

That’s true. So why isn’t the Capitol Police being encouraged to tackle crime like this rather than relentlessly focusing on Republicans and so-called “insurrectionists”?

New legislation that would ban the use of so-called “ghost guns” was reintroduced by Democrats earlier this year. The guns are not traceable as they are made with kits and don’t have serial numbers. Under the proposed legislation, people who purchase kits to create these ghost guns would be required to go through a background check in the same way they would if they purchased a normal gun, and all manufacturers of kits that are used to create ghost guns would be required to add serial numbers to each kit, as well as have a manufacturer’s license to produce firearms.