Candance Owens Gets New Role With TP USA

( Candance Owens’ BLEXIT is partnering up with Turning Point USA to reach more people, according to The Daily Wire. BLEXIT was founded in 2018 by Owens and Brandon Tatum, an ex-police officer and conservative commentator. TPUSA was co-founded by Charlie Kirk, and now the organization is going to lend its resources and infrastructure to help support BLEXIT to empower black communities with a victor, not victim, mentality.  

BLEXIT has sizably grown over the last five years, enjoying 44 State Chapters, over 60,000 supporters, and over 14,000 volunteers to push against the mainstream narrative that they see as crippling black America. Owens expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying that she has known and worked with Kirk for a long time and has shared similar activist goals. She added that they both support “freedom and value faith and family.”  

Kirk reiterated the sentiment, saying that TPUSA spurred the BLEXIT movement and some of its ideas. While TPUSA once celebrated what the group stood for “from afar,” Kirk said that now his organization can use its resources to contribute to the foundation.  

For his part, Tatum is looking forward to the vast possibilities that could stem from the partnership. He said that they aim to change the entire country. 

BLEXIT has already achieved some success. During the “summer of love” and riots of 2020, the group organized a march in Washington D.C. attended by over 2,000 black and Latino Americans. The event reportedly concluded with the national anthem, rather than rioting and looting minority communities, Owens tweeted.  

The news comes as Owens recently exposed the Black Lives Matter organization for “grifting” millions of dollars from its supporters. The documentary, titled “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” looks into the story of George Floyd and how the organization did not put any of its donations into rebuilding the black community.