Cancel Culture Closes In On Ice Cub For Supporting Trump 

Hollywood superstar and rapper Ice Cube recently appeared on Piers Morgan’s show, where he warned of the perils of “cancel culture.”

The term “cancel culture” refers to the widespread practice of isolating and marginalizing prominent persons for their unwoke views or behavior. 

Cube described cancel culture as a disease that has left people divided and afraid to speak their minds. Rather than submitting to the pressures of the cancel culture, Cube advised his fellow countrymen to talk about anything they wanted. He encouraged individuals to stand up for what they believe in and let their feelings be known.

In 2020, Cube received criticism for working with former President Donald Trump on a plan to solve racial disparity in the United States. It was part of the President’s Contract with Black America initiative. 

Trump was inspired to pledge roughly $500 billion in capital to black neighborhoods through his Platinum Plan. In response to Cube’s collaboration with Trump, many people took to social media to express their disapproval, calling him “working with the Darkside.” 

Cube’s point was that people need to engage with people in authority because otherwise, our status in the country would not improve. He poignantly said that all sides are the Darkside for “us here in America.”

Professor of history Peniel E. Joseph recently penned an opinion piece for CNN titled “Why Ice Cube’s political logic is so dangerous,” he argues that the GOP provides a safe space for people who advocate for racial divide, scapegoating, and hatred.

According to The Daily Beast, Ice Cube and other high-profile Black men who worked with Trump’s campaign because they “think their collaboration with an overtly racist administration will uplift Black Americans” are naive and self-absorbed.

Some of Cube’s tweets in 2020 were seen as anti-Semitic, and he also received backlash for that.

It’s still unclear how the Trump administration was racist toward blacks in America.