Brian Stelter Mocked For Dumb Supply Chain Take

( Nobody would ever accuse CNN’s “chief media correspondent” Brian Stelter of possessing an overabundance of smarts. In a sane world, the only job Brian Stelter could get at a cable news outlet is pushing the sandwich cart through the offices at lunchtime.

So it isn’t a surprise that Brian Stelter’s attempt to “debunk” Americans’ worries over empty store shelves, skyrocketing grocery costs, and the supply chain crisis blew up in his face like a trick cigar.

Last Friday, Brian tweeted a picture of the fully-stocked dairy section of what presumably was his grocery store, adding “‘The supply chain!’ she exclaims, looking for milk for 2-year-old. ‘Look at this amazing, overflowing abundance,’ he responds.”

Does Brian Stelter think milk is imported from China? Does he think the ships off the coast of California are loaded with containers carrying cartons of 2 percent and heavy cream?

This is what happens when someone deeply stupid tries to make a smart rejoinder.

Brian’s “own,” was a “self-own.”

But the media has their talking points down pat: Inflation is good. But inflation isn’t that bad anyway. Prices might be rising, but you can afford it. And maybe you all should just settle for less.

Just days after Brian’s attempt at thinking, his employer published a report headlined “Thanksgiving essentials are out of stock – but don’t panic.”

According to the report, grocery stores are running low on essential Thanksgiving items this year compared to last year. Part of the problem is the supply chain Brian was unsuccessfully mocking. One food distributor quoted in the CNN piece said there will probably be half a dozen holiday items you might not be able to find this year.

According to the Farm Bureau, the average cost of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be 14 percent higher than it was in 2020. This is the highest recorded cost for Thanksgiving dinner in the 36 years the Farm Bureau has tracked it.

So good job, Brian! You nailed it!