Brazil Arrests Over 1,000 Political Prisoners

( Senator Marcos do Val has demanded the arrest of Minister of Justice Flavio Dino and the impeachment of President Lula da Silva.

The incoming Senate and House of Representatives will have a conservative majority unless the left prevents the right-leaning delegates from assuming their seats.

According to reports, Val requested immediate removal and arrest of Lula

for malfeasance and other criminal code violations. He had already disclosed that President Lula was aware of the impending attacks 24 hours before and allowed them to occur. Val wrote to Dino that he would request the start of an impeachment proceeding because, in addition to allowing its history to be destroyed, democracy and lives are at risk.

The 1st of February will see the inauguration of a new Parliament with a conservative majority. one of the reasons why the results of the Brazilian presidential election do not add up. On October 3, Bolsonaro-supporting candidates made gains in both chambers and regional governorships. A conservative Senator could be elected Senate President. The upcoming election for Senate president is the most significant in history. Brazil will have the opportunity to restore constitutional order and the balance of powers.

According to reports, Romeu Zema, the governor of the state of Minas Gerais, stated in an interview that the Lula administration encouraged acts of vandalism in Brasilia to “play the victim.” It seems that the radical right, which is a minority, made a mistake. The Federal Government also made a mistake, possibly intentionally, by turning a blind eye so that the worst could occur and they could play the victim. The investigations will reveal if that actually happened.

Zema said that confusing law-abiding citizens with vandals is a grave error. You must punish the individuals responsible for the vandalism. However, extending this to orderly demonstrators is an entirely different matter.

The corrupt Supreme Court of Brazil has refused to investigate Justice Minister Flavio Dino for dereliction of duty.

Sixteen days after the communist coup, Brazil has 1,398 political prisoners, including women, children, and the elderly.

Will there ever be another valid election in Brazil?