Boxing Star Jake Paul Talks Politics, Shares Opinion on Nov Election

The 27-year-old boxer and YouTuber Jake Paul is very much aware of American politics.

In an interview, Paul recently said that he likely would vote for Donald Trump in November, but he clarified that his reason isn’t necessarily political.  Paul insisted that it is more important to choose a president who would fight for the American people and represent them effectively than to worry about partisanship. People would prefer answers to the constant barrage of marketing jargon and empty promises. Truth is what they want.

When pressed for answers, Paul said that neither he nor his time on the program allowed him to address every problem facing the nation.

Paul addressed the issues that many are facing, including joblessness, high mortgage rates, increasing costs, inflation, and whether or not the minimum wage would be increased. Many people are struggling to make ends meet while still pursuing higher education, which may lead to dissatisfaction with the value of college degrees.

He also said that Americans aren’t always healthy but that it’s not always their fault. There is a major issue with our food supply. The things that people eat, drink, and use that are sold in the stores cause serious health issues.

A new men’s personal care brand that Paul established was in part motivated by his position on America’s health problems.  Paul founded W, a men’s skincare line.  (He said that W stands for Winning.) 

Paul said he worked on his products for a couple of years, after he realized that most of the products he saw had been selling unchanged for decades.

The W personal care brand will be sold at Walmart for less than $10. Amazon will have a wider selection of products later this summer.  A body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant will be three products that W will debut with. He is planning to launch a line of hair gel, face wash, and shampoo and conditioner in the next several months. Paul said the market is severely underserved. Men are concerned about their appearance and the food they eat.