Boris Johnson Once Argued For “Population Control”

( Boris Johnson, the so-called “Conservative” Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is not exactly popular right now. Despite delivering Brexit, the British PM has repeatedly sided with COVID authoritarians and climate alarmists since taking office – and now, a new report from The National File reminded the world that Johnson once talked about the idea of population control.

In a piece written in 2007, the Prime Minister – who was formerly the Mayor of London – argued that global over population is the “real issue” and that the primary challenge facing the human species is the “reproduction of our species itself.”

In the piece, Johnson argued that global warming wasn’t the real threat to the world – something that he would presumably disagree with today – but that global reproduction and fertility would ultimately be our downfall.

“We are getting to the point where you simply can’t discuss it, and we are thereby refusing to say anything sensible about the biggest single challenge facing the earth,” he said, before insisting that it wasn’t global warming.

Climate change, he said, was a “secondary challenge,” with overpopulation being the primary challenge.

In the piece, which you can read here, Johnson talked about the time he flew over Mexico City and saw the “vast checkboard of smog-bound, low-rise dwellings stretching from one horizon to the other” and said that looking down, he saw a “horrifying vision of habitations multiplying.”

He ended the piece by arguing in favor of population control, suggesting that the world population will have trebled by the time he is in his mid-eighties.

It’s hard to imagine a conservative world leader arguing in favor of population control…but there we have it.