Border Patrol Agent’s Fiery Resignation Letter

( Last week, a Border Patrol agent sent a scathing letter of resignation to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortez saying the organization’s mission has become “unrecognizable.”

Mustafa Joseph, who worked as an agent with the US Border Patrol for about ten years, said in an email to Ortez that he could no longer do the job he signed up to do. Joseph argued that both the Border Patrol and the US Government are slipping into something unrecognizable.

While he didn’t specifically name the Biden administration, Joseph said that the “present reality” had changed the nature of the job. He said the Supreme Court, which he described as “the last line of Constitutional clarity,” is also in disarray.

Joseph told Raul Ortez that the changes in the Border Patrol’s daily duties break from the organization’s trademark motto of “honor first.” He said it is impossible now to “live by a code” when the only reason to show up for work is to get a paycheck, adding the job should not be “a clock-in, clock-out affair.”

Joseph added that rather than illegal aliens having “fear of infringing the law” they are now “brazenly inquiring about what’s taking so long with their right to unconditional assimilation.”

He asked if the Border Patrol have become nothing more than “Handmaids to their cause” and argued that the “law” has become “an increasingly nebulous moving target.”

Joseph’s resignation comes at a time when morale among Border Patrol agents has plummeted. Former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott said the Biden administration hasn’t been treating Border Patrol well and its opposition to the organization’s mission is a danger to the country.

Scott, who was forced out in August, told the Washington Examiner at the time that the Biden administration has undermined the Border Patrol’s Congressional mandate and the effects of that have increased frustration among its agents.

The current surge in illegal aliens, prompted by Biden’s reversal of the policies put in place by the Trump administration, has resulted in an influx of so many people, about half of the Border Patrol’s 19,000 agents have been pulled from the field to aid in the processing, transporting, and care for those illegals in federal custody.

In fiscal year 2021, half a million of those detained were released into the United States, according to Homeland Security.